COVID-19 – Health Care


The world scenario in recent months brought a new reality in terms of health, which forced us to face life in a new way. More than ever, living freely and moments with family have gained even greater importance.

But now is the time to let the sun get in to our lives and think about restarting our routine, with new habits and care, but without ceasing our living freedom. In this sense, La Chimère, with a trajectory of more than 42 years of service, always focused on extreme care for our guests, has prepared itself for this new moment.

Below we present our prevent care regarding our employees, our guests and our spaces so that we can once again provide unique moments of rest and celebration.

Care in the Booking Process

• Our entire reservation process will be primarily digital (through, website, email and WhatsApp) or by phone to avoid personal contact and handling documents (papers)

• Book confirmation will be sent to your email, with all the details of your stay, and with our WhatsApp number, so you can check-in by phone and simplify the arrival process and minimize contact with documents.

• The sending of documents related to your reservation, such as invoices and similar, will be made through e-mail voiding the handling of papers.

Social Areas

Care in our spaces

• As a manner of safety and kindness to others, guests must maintain a social distance of at least 1.5 meters between each other.

•The use of protective masks in social areas of the hotel is mandatory.

• We ensure the washing and disinfection of surfaces where employees and guests circulate.

• Most of our spaces are open and ventilated, however we regularly promote the renewal of air in the rooms and closed spaces, opening the windows and doors for the passage of the air current.

• 70% alcohol registered in Anvisa is available in forms liquid and gel, in strategic locations such as: entrance of the establishment, service counters, lobby, restaurant, leisure areas, restrooms for use by guests and employees.

• We promote the frequent removal of garbage, so it does not generate accumulation, using safe procedures, collecting waste from containers when they have 80% of their filled capacity or whenever necessary, avoiding capping or overflowing.

• It is available in the bathrooms in the social areas, liquid soap and a hand dryer with air activated by a presence sensor.

• We provide notices with information/guidance regarding the need for hand hygiene, use of 70% alcohol in the available forms (liquid and gel), use of masks, distance between people, cleaning of surfaces, ventilation and cleaning of spaces.

Front Desk

The cares during your arrival and departure in La Chimère

• Receptionists wear masks to provide safe care.

• We organize the process in order to do not form any kind of queues.

• The Front Desk will have a delimited guest service area, so that each family can be attended individually with comfort and social distance.

• We will prioritize the use of Online Check-in and Express Check-out, to streamline your contact at the front desk and avoid crowding.

• The attention will be preferential to people from a group risk (elderly, hypertensive, diabetic and pregnant women) in all departments of the hotel, ensuring an agile flow. Guests in these conditions must identify themselves when arriving at our establishment.

Room cleaning

Room Cleaning Care

• At the end of the guest’s stay, the rooms and its surfaces are completely cleaned and disinfected – before the entry of a new guest – with specific hygiene products and safety protocols for the employee.

• The cleaning of the rooms takes place with a ventilated environment, leaving doors and windows open and air conditioning turned off;

• Professionals use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): procedure gloves, apron and mask.

• When removing the bed linen, we remove it without shaking it, rolling it from the inside to the outside (Inside: part in contact with the mattress. Outside: part in contact with the guest) making a “wrapping”.

• We transport clothes and put them in plastic bags in order to avoid direct contact.

• Waste collected in the room is packed in a plastic bag, closed and taken away from solid waste.

• We clean and disinfect all surfaces, paying attention to chairs/ armchairs, beds, switches, remote controls, doorknobs, amenities, directories, telephone devices with a disinfectant defined by the Institution, properly registered in Anvisa.

• We dry the floor with a clean cloth, whenever necessary;

• The uniforms of the house keeping team (hygiene and laundry team) are washed in a specialized laundry. This process guarantees the correct cleaning of clothes and control by the establishment.


Breakfast and Food and Beverage Care

Our breakfast is buffet with mandatory use of mask and gloves.

• We use a minimum distance between 1.5 (one and a half meters) meter² x occupied chair.

• Breakfast service can be offered in the room or in the restaurant.


• The use of the pool will be done by appointment, so that each family can safely enjoy the pool. The duration of each shift will be 40 minutes.

Our Staff

The care to the La Chimère staff

• We educate all employees on Covid-19’s precautionary practices.

• We train our team on preventive measures and promote awareness of the importance of complying with these actions.

• We created internal procedures for the departments in order to inform everyone about the adopted policies.

• We communicate all the protocols to be followed in case of suspicion or confirmation of Covid-19 and the procedure to be adopted in these cases.

• We encourage employees to promptly inform their health condition and to self-monitor accordingly;

• We are aware our employees so that they can also take preventive measures for the work environment;

• We have visual communication alerting employees to measures and recommendations in essential spaces, such as: restaurants and cafeteria, bathrooms, waiting rooms, stocks, etc;

• We provide a direct communication channel with management to aware of our employees of the information campaigns regarding the development’s policy on security protocols;

• Our employees are instructed to wash their hands frequently with water and soap or use 70% alcohol gel, as per health orientation.

• Our employees use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), such as masks, gloves, etc. and are instructed on respiratory manners and how to cover with disposable paper in case of sneezing and coughing and to dispose of it immediately in the trash, as well as avoid touching their eyes, nose and mouth with their hands.

• We avoid sharing personal work objects

• The direction and management are responsible for centralizing the team’s information and guidance on prevention and action in case a case of Covid-19 is identified.