Frequently Asked Questions

1 – How do I enter in Búzios?

Due to sanitary barriers, it is only possible to enter Búzios using a QR code, which is generated and sent after booking a properly legal hotel.

2 – I’ve already made my reservation, how do I get my QR code?

The QR Code is generated and sent to the email informed in the reservation, 24 hours before your Check In, after you have filled in and sent your pre-check in information to the hotel.

3 – Do I need to make the pre-check in?

Yes, pre-check in avoids queues and delays at reception upon your arrival, and the information is used to generate the QR for access to the city.

4 – How do I do the pre-check in?

After making your reservation, a link to fill in your personal data and provide copies of your identity document is sent to the email informed.